iLaugh disappeared from the App Store about a week ago. My contract expired last week.

I had been trying to renew the contract through the Apple Store for over a month now. However, I initially signed up through the Swiss Apple Store, and that is the only store it will let me use.

The French Swiss store is broken, and will not work at all. The German Swss store works, but will only accept a Swiss credit card. Thankfully, I do have one, but for some obscure reason, it throws an “unexpected error” every time I try to use it. It won’t let me use my US Bank of America cards at all.

I’ve called and emailed Apple’s support team many times. Yet all they tell me is that they’ll forward it to some other team, which will (after waiting another week) email me proposing that I try “emptying my browser’s cache.”

I’m kind of unsure about what to do now. With every day that passes, I miss out on a substantial amount of money. Not only that, but not having the App in the Store causes many other problems, such as breaking links from my website, and more…

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September 23rd, 2009 at 10:05 pm

I wrote to Apple about that bug in the Swiss French store several months ago. It obviously is redirected to > /dev/null.

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