I bring to you, NanoLifeSaver. NanoLifeSaver is a slick Core Animation screensaver. (This last one is a movie, Click to Play) Download NanoLifeSaver Credit goes to Scott Stevenson for coming up with the original animation code.

R.I.P. Hijack

Disappointingly, codename: Hijack / Spool is no more. I have posted about this project before, and it was really something I was excited about. Back in the day where I actually had time, I was a forum freak and was active in more than 10 forums… This would have been the dream app for me. Unfortunately, Hijack has […]

I [do not] love my school [anymore]

Sorry, have to take this video down… School now wants to sue me for this, and I nearly got expelled (I did lose my scholarship and I am on my only final warning)… I guess it just doesn’t like having a bad name… Wondering whether it’s worth it really getting them a bad name by sending […]

An Example of Clever Design

Finally, one site that gets it. Mint, unlike most other sites, doesn’t ask you which Time Zone you’re in, but asks you what time it is… This is so much easier and cleverer. A perfect example of good design!