As an art enthusiast, I’ve always been seeking to improve my art & design skills. I even got myself a Wacom Graphire tablet, which has unfortunately been used more as an expensive mouse pad than an actual input device. It is well known among the art community that the best way to improve is practice, practice […]

A New Chapter

Today was quite a busy day for me. Today I officially finished High School. Like, you know, forever. Well, that is, assuming I passed my exams flawlessly, which I won’t find out until next year. But considering how much of a genius I am, how could I not do just amazingly well? So I went to […]

Announcing Anigma

For the past several months, I have been working with the talented guys at MacMage on a very exciting project that I have the pleasure to announce today. Anigma is an iPhone and iPod Touch game based on an all-time favorite 80’s classic. It sports amazing eye-candy and music, has a futuristic theme, and adds new […]