Update: I rewrote this post with better language and better explanations. Please read the newer version first. In this post, I will describe how to hack a mac shareware app. The reason for this is to push the developers to create stronger protection, and to show common weaknesses in licensing code. Before each hack is published, […]

“Bring us a used condom and we’ll get you a date!”

This headline sounds shocking, doesn’t it? It’s a quote from ‘More Sex Is Safer Sex: The Unconventional Wisdom of Economics’ over at NYTimes. It’s a highly controversial article (and that’s an understatement, for lack of better word) that got me thinking. You’ve read elsewhere about the sin of promiscuity. Let me tell you about the sin of self-restraint. Ok, […]

Domain change, again.

The blog has moved. The new URL for this blog is now www.seoxys.com. Those of you who follow the burned feed (feedburner) won’t have to update it. Sorry about doing this to you, again! PS: I really hope this doesn’t affect my amazing google pagerank