When one hears stories from iPhone developers, they’re either from the lucky ones who made insane amounts of money and laugh all the way to the bank, or rather from disappointed developers who consider their efforts a failure. The latter tend to blame the App Store for the failure of their application(s). Granted, the App Store […]

3 Easy Tips to Prevent a Binary Crack

When coding anti-piracy prevention measures, your goal should be to keep honest users honest. It is important to make the user experience pleasing and simple for your paid customers. While in an ideal world, people would buy everything legally, reality is very different. Most people, if tempted with an easy free way to get your app, […]

Registration Schemes: Asymmetrical Cryptography

One challenge that most developers face when nearing release of their first application is how to implement registration and piracy protection. This three-part article will describe three common types of registration schemes: Serial Numbers, Asymmetrical Cryptographic Keys and Product Activation. Part Two: Asymmetrical Cryptography Asymmetrical Cryptographic Keys are a great way to secure you app, because the […]

Interviews and Podcasts

iAppblog recently interviewed me on the new iPhone SDK, Apple’s business model, and whether we will see Exces for iPhone. It’s an interesting read, so be sure to go have a look Last week, I also participated in the MacSB podcst episode 4. It was really interesting and instructive to have a chat with some really […]


I bring to you, NanoLifeSaver. NanoLifeSaver is a slick Core Animation screensaver. (This last one is a movie, Click to Play) Download NanoLifeSaver Credit goes to Scott Stevenson for coming up with the original animation code.