Disappointingly, codename: Hijack / Spool is no more. I have posted about this project before, and it was really something I was excited about. Back in the day where I actually had time, I was a forum freak and was active in more than 10 forums… This would have been the dream app for me. Unfortunately, Hijack has […]

Hacking mac apps: Direct Mail

Update: I rewrote this post with better language and better explanations. Please read the newer version first. In this post, I will describe how to hack a mac shareware app. The reason for this is to push the developers to create stronger protection, and to show common weaknesses in licensing code. Before each hack is published, […]

An introduction to Sean Collins

From: Sean Collins Date: July 23, 2007 4:32:35 PM EDT To: [anonymous@gmail.com] Subject: Aquatic Prime I recently read your blog post about Aquatic prime, after I was hunting around inside another application. I would like to perhaps exchange some notes, because I think I might have found at least an individual application that uses the PHP authentication […]

Excellent LangSwitch Review

LangSwitch just got reviewed 5/5 by softpedia. This is mainly a little tool that I created for myself, it turns out that people actually like and use it. Maybe this will motivate me to improve it: add Locales support, Undo, better drag-and-drop support. Drag-and-drop on the application icon support, and lotsa other cool stuff.