Open-source licensing can be a real nightmare. Some licenses are nearly impossible to decipher, while some (namely – the GNU GPL) are just pure evil. I have been trying to find a software license which, like the Creative Commons Attribution license, would let the licensee do pretty much anything with the software, except it would require attribution in […]

ATTemplate: Simple Templating System in PHP

Let me say this first: I do not believe in big bloated MVC PHP frameworks. I believe in having custom code that runs as fast as possible. For recurring useful functionality, such as templates, I believe in using simple, efficient and flexible dedicated standalone modules. For the past several years, I have been using a home-grown […]

Meet iLaugh 2.0 – Social Jokes

After months of hard work, controversy and perseverance, iLaugh 2.0 is finally launching. iLaugh puts a database of over 50,000 jokes in the palm of your hand. Vote on your favorite jokes, compile a list of your favorites, share jokes with your friends via Twitter and Facebook, and most importantly, have a good laugh. With iLaugh, you […]

Warmonger: Warcraft III Autorefresh for Mac OS X

One of the most popular articles on this blog has always been my tutorial on how to hack an War3 autorefresh bot for Mac. However, it’s still quite a clunky hack, and many commenters have been unable to get it work smoothly. Even I gave up on it when I upgraded to Leopard. Introducing Warmonger Warmonger is a […]

Apple’s Increasingly Ridiculous Rejections

Three months ago, I submitted an update to iLaugh and iLaugh Lite, numbered 1.1.1 that fixed many bugs but didn’t change anything to the functionality of the app. Today, after three whole months in review (seriously, I’m not making this up!), they decided to finally tackle the issue and issue me a rejection for no other […]