A while back, TechCrunch covered yet another article complaining about the App Store being more of a Lotto than a marketplace. Setting aside the App Store’s numerous other issues, coverage of iPhone app developers has been divided into two extremes: reassuring yet unlikely success stories, or depressing yet much more likely failure stories. The general question in […]

Dynamic mass vhost with Apache and mod_rewrite

In the process of setting up a new web-server with Mosso’s CloudServer, I came up across an interesting problem that took be the better part of the day to figure out. The new server is completely unmanaged, which means that I have no web control panel to manage things. But worry not, that’s actually a good […]

Personal Hub, Business Cards, Art Potfolio

I’ve recently won a prize of a thousand free business cards in a contest, which gave me the perfect excuse to stop procrastinating and start designing pretty business cards. Below are a few images of these beauties. To match these nifty-looking business cards, I today designed and launched a new personal “hub” site to overcome the […]

An Open Letter to John Gruber

Dear Mr. Gruber, I have read your recent article entitled How to Block the DiggBar in which you argue that the the DiggBar is fundamentally evil. You then go on to show how you go out of your way to block traffic coming from a shortened Digg URL. I’m all for calling out jackassery on the internet […]

GoDaddy are RATS.

This is not actually the best choice of words, but I decided a while ago not to use profanity on my blog. Therefore, I’m going to get around that by posting a quote from my twitter stream: GoDaddy is the corporate equivalent of a MOTHERFUCKING CUNT! No, Seriously! And I totally mean that. Today, they charged me close […]