This is not actually the best choice of words, but I decided a while ago not to use profanity on my blog. Therefore, I’m going to get around that by posting a quote from my twitter stream:

GoDaddy is the corporate equivalent of a MOTHERFUCKING CUNT! No, Seriously!

And I totally mean that.

Today, they charged me close to $10 for the renewal of a domain I bought last year for one or two dollars for the purpose of setting up a site as a first of april prank.

Please note that I never agreed to renew the domain, and that with my usual registrar, I can drop domains just by letting them expire. Also, when I bought the domain with GoDaddy, I specifically used PayPal and chose the option to do a one-time payment, and not letting GoDaddy automatically charge me for anything, but it looks like that setting got ignored.

I already knew GoDaddy was evil, since they tried to upsell me tons of things when all I wanted to do was get a cheap domain, but now I know they actually steal people’s money.

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