iLaugh disappeared from the App Store about a week ago. My contract expired last week. I had been trying to renew the contract through the Apple Store for over a month now. However, I initially signed up through the Swiss Apple Store, and that is the only store it will let me use. The French Swiss store […]

Apple’s Increasingly Ridiculous Rejections

Three months ago, I submitted an update to iLaugh and iLaugh Lite, numbered 1.1.1 that fixed many bugs but didn’t change anything to the functionality of the app. Today, after three whole months in review (seriously, I’m not making this up!), they decided to finally tackle the issue and issue me a rejection for no other […]

On The App Store Hype

A while back, TechCrunch covered yet another article complaining about the App Store being more of a Lotto than a marketplace. Setting aside the App Store’s numerous other issues, coverage of iPhone app developers has been divided into two extremes: reassuring yet unlikely success stories, or depressing yet much more likely failure stories. The general question in […]

How Genius is a Genius Business Model

Apple’s introduction of Genius into iTunes may have been one of the best business decisions they ever made. First, it’s a great feature for the user. It’s a joy to just chose a beloved track, and instantly get plenty more of that awesomeness. I’ve been a great fan of Genius myself, and I use it all […]

App Store = Paperwork Nightmare

[Note: I hope this article doesn’t break the NDA, but if it find out it does and I get a Cease & Desist from Apple, I will have to take it down.] When you upload an iPhone application to the App Store through iTunes Connect, you’re presented with a few screens of information to fill in. […]