Today was quite a busy day for me. Today I officially finished High School. Like, you know, forever. Well, that is, assuming I passed my exams flawlessly, which I won’t find out until next year. But considering how much of a genius I am, how could I not do just amazingly well?

So I went to the facility in which we wrote exams. For my school, it was the headquarters of the Department of Education in Durban. On the way there, I was listening to the news in the car. The speaker was telling the story of how some home-schooled student’s teacher forgot to register them for the exams, and in her panic thought it was a good good idea exams papers based on the government exemplars, and trick her students into writing that. Of course, she’s now being criminally charged, and the students all fail by default, which means they’ll have to endure another two years of school. Poor guys.

Oh what irony when I arrived at the venue and found out the principal had forgot to register us for this paper. It was just an optional extra Maths paper, which doesn’t count towards the final report, but does go on a separate certificate. Unlike that other teacher though, he didn’t attempt to forge anything, for which I am grateful. Instead, he managed to get ahold of a copy of the question paper from another school, and an hour or so of waiting later, we were all writing away happily. (Well, not “happily” - the paper was truly awful)

On the way back, I went to the post to pick my freshly renewed passport. Stupid thing is, I get a new passport number with a new passport, which means I’ll have to phone MacWorld, and 4 different airlines to get my tickets switched to my new passport number, because I registered with the old ID.

When I got home, I had the pleasant surprise of finding a small slip of paper from the post office telling me my MacBook Pro (which I ordered just when they were updated - apparently the upgrades held it off, 2.8GHz, 4GB RAM) had finally arrived. If only I had known this just a few moments earlier, when I was at the post office. Went back, got my parcel, and went to have a nice family supper out at a restaurant.

When I got home - again, I promptly unpacked my MacBook Pro, and was faced with the terribly entertaining task of watching a slow progress bar for 3 hours until the Migration Assistant finished copying my data from my iMac. I don’t know exactly why the migration assistant can’t do this by itself, but I had done the mistake of setting up the new MBP before migrating with the same short name as my account on my iMac. I wanted to keep my short name, but it seems the Migration Assistant can’t help me here. So I chose a different short name, and tried to switch them via Terminal, which resulted in me deleting my home folder with a misplaced “rm -rf”, and having to start from zero.

And here I am now, on by freshly setup MacBook Pro, rambling on.

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