Spring has come, and with it I decided to tackle a long-overdue item in my Things to-do list: cleaning up my blog.

I don’t believe in deleting things. I’ve always dreaded the idea of deleting something I had created or written. As a result, this blog had been housing everything I ever wrote, since I first decided to start a blog, back in 2004.

Back then, I was still a little 13-year old wannabe kid who didn’t know much about anything, but liked to pretend he did. This meant that up until now, I still had quite a few terribly spelt, or otherwise embarrassing posts of no particular interest to anybody.

No more. I have moved these post to a blogger blog for archival, so I wouldn’t lose everything I had written while still not embarrassing myself on this blog. As of today, the archives of this blog only date back December 2006.

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