Today is a big day, as it marks Exces’ first anniversary. For this occasion, there’s some big news:

  1. Exces 1.5 is released! Exces has come a long way since it was first released as a shareware app, exactly one year ago.

    The vision behind Exces was of an app that made putting a password on files simple and easy to use. Something that made this dull security task a little bit more fun.

    During this year, most of the new feature implemented were due to popular requests from it’s users, you. It is my pleasure today to introduce Exces 1.5. Thanks for making this possible!

    What’s new in Exces 1.5:

    • New Feature: Auto-lock. Have you ever left your desk for some time and then discovered, to your horror, that you forgot to lock a confidential Exces vault? Well, worry no more, with Exces’ new auto-lock feature, Exces automatically locks the vault after 10min of inactivity. To use this new feature, simply activate it by opening Preferences, and ticking the “auto-lock” checkbox. (Auto-lock does not work when files are open in the vault, to safeguard from data-corruption.)
    • Lots of polish. Little things have been changed all over the place to improve the global behavior of Exces. For example, Exces now checks whether it is running from the disk image and offers to install itself.
    • Bug fixes. Minor bugs that have cropped up have been fixed here and there.
  2. Pricing change: Due to the fall in value of the US dollar, I have no choice but to change the pricing. The new price will be €19.95.
  3. MacUpdate Promo: Exces will be available in the MUPromo tomorrow, 11th of Jan. Exces will sell for that day, and that day only, for €13.31 ($19.52)

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