This is not actually the best choice of words, but I decided a while ago not to use profanity on my blog. Therefore, I’m going to get around that by posting a quote from my twitter stream: GoDaddy is the corporate equivalent of a MOTHERFUCKING CUNT! No, Seriously! And I totally mean that. Today, they charged me close […]

How Genius is a Genius Business Model

Apple’s introduction of Genius into iTunes may have been one of the best business decisions they ever made. First, it’s a great feature for the user. It’s a joy to just chose a beloved track, and instantly get plenty more of that awesomeness. I’ve been a great fan of Genius myself, and I use it all […]

iLaugh Acquired by Comedy Central

I have some good news to announce: today, iLaugh has been formally acquired by Comedy Central. I’ve been a long-time fan of Comedy Central’s shows, and it is one of my favorite channels to kill time on. Starting today, Comedy Central owns iLaugh and will be providing updated content. I will be continuing to work on iLaugh […]

The MacHeist Argument™

As another season of MacHeist comes, yet again the blogosphere is up in arms crying foul. A recent post by Marco Arment captured my attention. The argument has been done to death the first season, no need to go over it again. But there’s a few things so fundamentally wrong with his argument that I have to […]

Anigma Beta & News Mailing List

I’ve just setup a mailing list for Anigma. We’ll be keeping you up to date with development, and when we’re ready, you’ll be the first to get beta access. Subscribe to the mailing list now!