There has been quite a bit of activity going on with iLaugh lately: Chuck Norris reads iLaugh! Just freshly released merely minutes ago are two brand-new awesome sources, Chuck Norris Facts, both in english and french versions. Comedy Central back up The source has been down for a while, but everything is back to normal since a few days. […]

Announcing Anigma

For the past several months, I have been working with the talented guys at MacMage on a very exciting project that I have the pleasure to announce today. Anigma is an iPhone and iPod Touch game based on an all-time favorite 80’s classic. It sports amazing eye-candy and music, has a futuristic theme, and adds new […]

Azure Talon Software introduces iLaugh 1.0 for iPhone

Oct 20, 2008 - Azure Talon Software is proud to introduce iLaugh 1.0, their joke database for iPhone and iPod Touch. For the price of a song, iLaugh is a fun little application that contains an endless database of hilarious jokes. It’s a handy sidekick when entertaining guests, speaking to an audience, killing time or […]

New Site

I am not dead. I haven’t posed here in more than a month, because a month and a half ago I suddenly found myself without a computer. The local power utility company, Eskom, burnt my motherboard down. I have already posted about how much Eskom sucks in the past, so I will not elaborate on that. So […]

PhotoMate released!

For the past eight months, I have been hard at work on my newest and hottest project, PhotoMate. Today is a big day for me, as it marks the release of PhotoMate to the public. OmniDelicious PhotoMate is a new, professional application aimed to replace application such as TextMate, Pixelmator, or Adobe Photoshop. It provides an elegant […]