As another season of MacHeist comes, yet again the blogosphere is up in arms crying foul. A recent post by Marco Arment captured my attention. The argument has been done to death the first season, no need to go over it again. But there’s a few things so fundamentally wrong with his argument that I have to […]

Report: Apartheid and South Africa Today

I’ve written about this before. But this year, for history class, I had to make a full report on a topic relating to local history. I chose to use the opportunity to research further and to elaborate on my points in my previous article. So, without further ado, the report, in all of its 6-page 2000+ […]

App Store = Paperwork Nightmare

[Note: I hope this article doesn’t break the NDA, but if it find out it does and I get a Cease & Desist from Apple, I will have to take it down.] When you upload an iPhone application to the App Store through iTunes Connect, you’re presented with a few screens of information to fill in. […]

Notes on air travel

I would say I fly pretty frequently. Having just come back from Geneva, Switzerland to Durban, South Africa, there’s a few things I noticed. Customs officers are assholes They have a boring job. They watch people walk through customs all day long. When they have a chance to demonstrate their “power” over people, and annoy people, […]

New Site

I am not dead. I haven’t posed here in more than a month, because a month and a half ago I suddenly found myself without a computer. The local power utility company, Eskom, burnt my motherboard down. I have already posted about how much Eskom sucks in the past, so I will not elaborate on that. So […]