A topic I feel strongly about is trial-ware limitation. The most used solution these day is time limitation, and I hate it. On the MacSB mailing list: Hi all, I’ve got a client who really wants me to work up an expiring trial-ware system for one of their apps. However, I have to say that I’m always really wary […]

Untweeting from your Mac

Daniel Jalkut of Red-Sweater created a really useful script that adds an Undo functionality to Twitterrific. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could undo a tweet from right in Twitterrific? You can, with my spanking new script: Undo Tweet. This script requires FastScripts by default, but can be easily modified to use “display dialog” instead of […]

Exces 1.1.2

Update time: Exces 1.1.2 is out! This is a minor revision which fixes a small bug and updates the About window (which also had a bug).


LangSwitch, or how to test your app’s localization. One of the things I hate about Cocoa is its localization system. The first time you look at it, it looks really great. I mean, compared to REALBasic, or Java, or even Qt… at least it has one. But, you see, the problem is that sometimes it creates […]